Jørn Glad A/S

For more than half a century Sika has been involved in the production of rotor machines for shotcrete, sprayed concrete. In the early years, Aliva produced screw pumps and rotor machines until the 60ties, when the rotor machines took the upper hand and removed the screw pumps. Ever since the rotor machines of Aliva underwent continuous improvements and developments. In 2010, to the 100year anniversary of Sika AG, Aliva is able to introduce the newest generation of rotor machines.

Aliva equipment is known for superior quality and functionality of its machines, which are represented by more than 70 distributor’s world wide. Aside the rotor machines for the construction industry, Aliva is one of the leading producers of equipment for the refractory-, steel industry and special equipment for TBM’s.

Link til hjemmesiden: http://www.sika.com/